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Welcome to The Stephen Lawrence Gallery Website

About the gallery:

The Stephen Lawrence Gallery aims to promote diversity in the representation of visual cultures through mainly curated group exhibitions featuring the work of young contemporary visual practitioners from a wide range of disciplines, including artists, designers, and architects.

The gallery stages a programmed series of six curated exhibitions each year with accompanying conferences and workshops. The exhibitions as well as many of the associated events are open to the public as well as members of the University. In addition the gallery hosts end-of-year student shows and regularly platforms project based activities in the local community.

Gallery Curator: David Waterworth

Advisory Panel: Dr Alice Correia, Louise Simkiss, Jack Tan

Gallery Assistants: Alice Bennett, Nicola Campbell

Photographic Documentation: Hana Vojackova

For further information please contact David Waterworth, Curator, The Stephen Lawrence Gallery.

Tel. 020 8331 8260 or email

Legal Notice: All images on this website are included on the understanding that they are the original work of the attributed artist. Rights of reproduction of these images are by permission of the artist and the gallery only.